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You Have A Purpose
November 26, 2015 10:06 AM PST
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You have a Purpose
(Something 4 Ur Soul 2015 pt.2)
“And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” Proverbs 24:4
Knowledge Expands the way We Live. Fall is about over and Dr. KEWL has something for your soul. It’s time to uplift your soul with moving House Music. You deserve to breathe because you were born to do this. You have the freedom to get your victory. Have the faith and testify and your blessing will return to you tenfold because you have a purpose.This is music for the KEWL in you, music for your mind, body and soul. Enjoy this music and B KEWL!!!
Uplifting, Soul inspiring Ear Kandi:
Louie Vega, Adeva: I Deserve To Breathe (Louie Vega Gene Perez Bass Mix)
CeCe Rogers: By Faith(Spiritual Club Mix)
Steve Mill: Born To Do This
Souldynamic, Dana Weaver: My Freedom
Gershon Jackson, Tanetta Soul, Michele Chiavarini: Victory (Michele Chiavarini Vocal Remix)
Faith Howard: I Have The Faith (Ondagroove "Anointed" Mix)
Dana Divine: I Testify (Original Mix)
Tracy Brathwaite: Tenfold (Bang The Drum Vocal Mix)
Adam Rios, Stephanie Cooke, Koffee: Mighty Skies (Vox)
Kings Of Groove, Feat, Michelle Weeks, Marco Finotello: You Have A Purpose (Marco Finotello Mediterráneos Mix)
Darryl 'D Bonneau: Patience (Patience 4 T's Box Main)
A New Thing: Psalm 23: Detroit To NYC (Main Vocal)
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KEWL Music 4 KEWL People
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Sexy KEWL 2014
July 07, 2014 08:00 AM PDT
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The KEWL Lounge takes a musical journey into the sexy and sensual side of House Music. Starting with how beautiful and sexy you are to getting picked up in the club for a one night stand. From hitting that deep spot so freaky and rough that it makes you so wet, that you become breathless and need a bedtime story, to a 3 am ring at your bell wanting to do you until you are bilingual. Let us slide this KEWL vibe in your groove and enjoy the ride. Cum & B KEWL!
The Sexy Ear Stimulants:
Stephanie Cooke: Thinkin I'm Beautiful (Sean Mccabe Unreleased Vocal Dub)
Lorie Caval & Doc Link feat. EMan: Sexy (Doc Link's Original Mix)
Eric King: The Pickup (N'dinga Gaba's Remix)
Mona Bode': One Night Stand (Johnny Montana Main Mix)
Andre Harris: Hit That (Vox)
Giovanni Ikome, Frankie Foncett: The Deep Spot (The Hardbody Mix)
Mike Dunn, Mr. 69: Phreaky MF (Mike Dunn's Original Phreak Mixx)
Dee Jay Alicia, Black Widow: I Want It Rough (I Want It Rough Mike Dunn's BlackBall Vokal MixX)
Phil Weeks, DJ Red Eye: Make You Wet (Original Mix)
Mannix, Rainy Payne: Breathless (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Anthony Nicholson, William Kurk, the Miquifaye Allstars: Tell Me A Bedtime Story
Nathan Adams, Zepherin Saint, Miranda Nicole: 3AM
Booty Shack, Soul De Marin: Ring My Bell
Keith Washington: Kissing You (P's TV Bar Remix)
DJ Punch & Flip Entertainment: Do Me (Baby Powder Rub Mix)
Raffa Scoccia, Cato: Honey Drip (Original)
Jose Nunez: Bilingual (Dirty Mix)
KEWL Music 4 KEWL People
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Show me the Way
July 30, 2012 08:12 AM PDT
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There are times when one can feel lost and unsure. Those are times when one needs to be inspired and uplifted. House music is known for its inspiring and uplifting message. This blend by Dr. KEWL is one you can play when you’re happy and you will be inspired, and if you’re feeling down it will lift your spirits. If you feel alone, it reminds you that you have a friend who always has your back through thick and thin. Whatever may come your way you will have no fear and be prepared to face it, because you believe in yourself. Yea! This is House Music! Soulful and Uplifting! This thing called House Music will touch your mind, body and soul. It will build you up when you are down. Hopefully it will show you the way to peace and happiness. Be inspired and be KEWL!!!
Ear Kandi:
Montana & Stewart Feat Diviniti : Let Me Show You (Original Mix)
Byron Stingily : It's All Jesus (Sean McCabe Vocal Mix)
Deep City Soul feat. Jacqui George : We All Fall Down (Guy Robin Vocal Mix)
Cei Bei : I Need You Lord (Union Effect Redemption Vocal Mix)
DJN Project & Kenny Bobien : What A Way (Original)
Audiowhores feat. Dyanna Fearon : Don't Let Them In (Club Mix)
DeepCitySoul, Darryl D' Bonneau : Peace (Original Mix)
Ziggy Funk, Taliwa : What You Afraid Of (DJ Spen Original Re-Edit)
My Digital Enemy, Jason Chance : Whatever May Come (Vocal Mix)
Donae'o : I (Kenny Dope Remix)
Distant People, Carla Prather : Have No Fear (Main Mix)
Stephanie Cooke and Diviniti : I Believe In You (Main Vocal)
Pirahnahead feat. Eric King : Keep Lifting Me (terry hunter's bang vocal)
Mina Jackson : Just Believe (Muthafunkaz Soul Alternate Mix REMASTERED)
DJ Spen pres. Assurance : And Be Glad In It (Vocal Mix)
DJ Ax feat. Charles Dockins : My Fathers Arms (Maurice Joshua Remix)
Photo by Todd Klassy: http://www.toddklassy.com
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Knowledge Expands the Way we Live
Be KEWL!!!

KEWL Seductions
December 05, 2008 09:11 PM PST
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Cover the Kiddies ears!!! This is not for the faint of heart! See the word explicit? yea ! this is!! Ok, now that I got you interested . . . Dr. KEWL slides between your ears with a erotic mix. Yea, I said mix! Feel the music as he tickles your brain with some erotic vocals and rhymes, feel the words and the pounding beat as he dives deep into the groove. Each blend tell another chapter from 1st impressions, to seduction, to french kissing, til its the morning after, and you feel so good! Dr. KEWL's syringe is full of sensual ear kandi tonite, cum get your fix!
Be KEWL!!!

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